At the heart of Provence, Salon de Provence is wonderfully located at the crossroads of routes linking Italy to Spain and along the Rhone corridor. 2000 years of human activities have shaped this country at the edge of The Durance, The Crau and The Alpilles.

Salon de Provence, city of Provence :

During the early Middle Ages, appears the known written mention of Salon. In 871, the existence of a 'Villa Salone' - a farm inherited from the Gallo-Roman - is attested in a deed of property inventory. This deed tells us that Rostan, Archbishop of Arles, owns land in the Country of Salon.

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Tourist Office of Salon de Provence
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A field of lavender in Provence
The Castle Emperi
A fountain in downtown Salon de Provence
The Patrouille de France in Salon de Provence
The Castle Emperi in Salon de Provence